EST JCH / LV JCH / LT JCH / BALT JCH (to be confirmed)
HD: B/B / ED: 0/0
PRA rcd4 - clear
Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuszinosis (NCL) - clear

born 11.11.2016
breeder: Penny Williams (England)

1 x BIS2 puppy
1 x BIG1 / 1 x BIG3
4 x BOB puppy
6 x BOB / 5 x BOS
5 x CAC
5 x BOBjun
6 x junCAC

Bournehouse Stormy Weather

Branson - 4,5 months Branson on sündinud Inglise setteri tõu kodumaal, Inglismaal. Oleme väga tänulikud Penny Williamsile usalduse eest lubada see armas temperamentne tegelane Eestisse elama.
Nii nagu Annie ja Shanty, tuli Branson Eestisse meie matkabussiga - teekond oli umbes 2700km pikk - reis läks hästi ja viperusteta.

Branson is born in England, the homeland of English setter breed. We are very thankful to Mrs.Penny Williams for the trust in letting this lovely temperamentful creature to live in Estonia.
Like Annie and Shanty, Branson came here with our motorhome - the way to Estonia is about 2700km long - the journey went well without any incidents.