Articles-Opole 26-30.08.2005 Visiting Opole Setter Clubshow 28.08.2005

Opole Clubshow, 28-th of August 2005.
I do not know why, but for me it is always so that when someone mentions the expressions "Polish dog show", "visiting Poland" or whatever words about this country a large grin comes to my face, besides some kind of excitement is felt inside me. I really do not know why, but this country has its big faults, but somehow is exciting and natural in a way, it very much reminds me of the communism mixed up with the capitalism in the same pot.
In this story I will slip from the theme of traffic and roads of Poland, which need very skilful rally-drivers to drive safely…
Opole is a big city situated quite near the Czech border - it is about 1700km from Tallinn to Opole.
So, on 26.08.05 we started towards Poland to attend the Polish hunting dogs' club show at Sunday, 28-th of August. The trip went well and without any kind of incidents. We were planning to have a night rest at one town in Poland( now I think what's the name of the town - I do not remember and who cares!). All I recall is that the hotel was the biggest one in this town situated just up the hill, quite western-type and nice, but…. we could not sleep at night, because the hotel was built just beside the big international road, where the trucks and trailers were passing by all the night long. Imagine: all the night truck by truck, I can still feel the noise.
But, it was a small thing and we had a good mood in spite of this.
At early morning we started our way forward, we had about 500km more to drive. We bought fresh and very tasty bread from one small shop at the town - it tasted so well for the beginning of morning.
In the evening of 27-th of August we were in Opole, but where on earth is our motel? Where on earth is the stadium (Shooting-Gallery) where the show is supposed to be? We had the address, but it did not say much! We asked the people at the street - everybody tells us differently. We drive approximately 2 hours, and then suddenly we feel that the small road that leads us to the forest is the right one leading us to the Shooting-Gallery. Yesssss! We found the show ground! But now another task for orientating: where is the motel?
Now I know that there is one thing I have learned from my hunting-dogs during the time that I have been living with them: this is the good nose and sense to smell things. During these years we have learnt to find places with our intuition and good nose. And this time Andrus's nose told him to drive directly to our motel, or hostel it may be called. The hostel was nice, tidy and cozy, very Polish style I would say! Now we had all our problems solved, we needed a good rest before our great opportunity at the show for the next day.
The show itself was very well organized, the Shooting-gallery was large, there was plenty of room there, but… it was the hell of the heat there! There was no sign of even slight breeze of wind - of course it influenced how the dogs were running in the show ring.
As the weather is the thing we cannot influence, there was nothing we could do to help it.

The judge for English and Gordon setters was the well-known breeder from England: Mrs. Jane Dennis (kennel Mariglen). All our dogs were placed well, some of the dogs got Polish CC-s. The show itself was very festive, the brass band of trumpets was invited to play tunes - it was a long day, but it was worth it!
The way home went smoothly again. After some two days, in the morning of 30-th of August we were at home again safe and sound.
Thank you Jaana, for being a good companion on our way Tallinn-Opole-Tallinn!
To conclude the trip here are the results of our dogs:
Mariglen Holy Moses "Moses" Best Junior male, BIS-2 Junior;
Nattaset Blue Catwoman "Lilli" 2nd in champion class;
Nattaset Moonflower "Nekku" 1st in working class, CC;
Bothwell Piece Of Heaven "Bisse" BIS-2 Veteran;
Nattaset Blue Batman "Pätu" 1st in champion class, CC;
Iron Man of Slow Fox "Happy"- 2-nd in working class;
Nattaset Blue Batman "Pätu" & Nattaset Blue Catwoman "Lilli" BIS-2 couple;
Nattaset breeder group - BIS-3 Breeder Group.

/The team on the way: Andrus, Jaana, Kätlin./