Uudised 2004

  • 28.11.04
    Yesterday Fortunaviola Dilan Pikkolo went to his permanent home in Parksepa (Estonia). His owner is now Relika Reisberg. Dilan will have a lot of woods nearby his home where to run and play. GOOD LUCK RELIKA WITH YOUR LITTLE GUY!!!!!
    Yesterday Fortunaviola Deppi Jbis "Pete" also "took the airplane Helsinki-Amsterdam" to fly to his permanent home.
    Fortunaviola Dino Dzhasper - he is still looking for a loving home!I am wishing all the best for the new owners of the puppies! I hope we will hear a lot about these two fellows in the future!!!!

    Dear Kaja ( kennel Irish Melody),

    Fortunaviola Dino Dzhasper is now left and wants a loving home where to live happily ever after!!!!! If you are interested please feel free to contact me!

  • 23.11.04
    Yesterday we got 2 English setter puppies ( Fortunaviola Dino Zhasper and Fortunaviola Dilan Pikkolo) from the breeder Leena Tkatshenko. The problem has been in raising these two wonderful fellows. The boys are now 3,5 months old, they need a lot of attention and house training to develop into obedient and well-behaving English setter dogs.
    At the moment they are at their temporary foster-home in Tallinn. But as they need much attention, it would certainly be better for them to find a final home ASAP, so they could have all the needed training and real good and caring owners.


  • 19.11.04
    Today Batman ( Nattaset Blue Batman ) received the official announcement from the Estonian Kennel Union about that he is the ESTONIAN CHAMPION! We also received a very nice diploma and a rosette for that occasion.
    Happy ( Iron Man of Slow Fox ) received the official BALTIC JUNIOR CHAMPION title with also the very nice rosette and diploma.

  • 18.11.04
    New link to the homepage of Irina Denisova's Irish setters has been added to the links page. Take a look!

  • 08.11.04
    Yesterday at Tartu International Dogshow Happy won BOBjun title, but Batman received only "very good" in the open class.
    The judge for setters was Mr. Johan J.Juslin from Finland. Big thanks to you, Marika, for handling Happy!
    We did not stay until the jun.BIS with Happy this time.

  • 01.11.04
    On Saturday, 30-th of October, we were having fun at the field for the last time this season.
    The photos by Helen Nuudi.
    What's there inside the grass?! Amazing!!!! Excitement with the bird! Give meeeeee the bird!!

    Thanks for the photos, Helen!

    Click on these photos to make them larger!

  • 31.10.04
    Fortunaviola Kessi Flo and Fortunaviola Kitti Princes "Pepper" have found loving and caring homes in Germany.
    I do hope we can hear more about these two girls in the future!Fortunaviola Kitti Princes / Pepper at her new home so tired of playing- photo by Sibille Hildebrandt
    Thank you Sibille and Frank for all your concern about the wellfare of the puppies! Thank you for helping to fly the puppies to Germany and caring for our problems here!!!!

    Special thanks to you, Jaana, for EVERYTHING you have done to help us!

    Now there are 3 cute English setter boys left to be given to good homes! All the enquiries are welcome!!
    Click here for the photos of the boys!

  • 26.10.04
    New photos of the puppies added. Click here!
    The rest of the photos will be added soon!

  • 24.10.04
    Yesterday we were spending the time on the field near Riga (Latvia) to attend the field trial again.
    The practice that we have had with Happy here in Estonia has been so fruitful, that Happy made the field trial even to the 2-nd grade! Happy's result was so good that the judge did let us try also the 1-st grade, but this time Happy was unlucky to find any bird.
    So, we will practice some more and try again during the next hunting season for also the 1-st grade to be finished.
    We were having nice guests from Finland this weekend: Jaana & Katja with Lilli, Ines, Nekku, Spice, Jill and Muusa - and all the dogs qualified from the field trial!
    Such a nice weekend we had together on the field!

  • 23.10.04
    Here is the homepage of the puppies born at 09.08.2004 by sire: Iron Man of Slow Fox "Happy" and dam: Nattaset Special Moment "Alma".
    If you have any interest in these puppies please feel free to contact me:
    Puppies are very active, playful and good-looking!
    Some of the puppies are still looking for the good and caring homes!

  • 28.09.04
    We have spent a very nice weekend with very nice travelling companions in Aland (Ahvenanmaa). Of course the aim of our journey was not just having a vacation, but as we are desperately in love with our English setters - we certainly visited the Eckerö dogshow (the judge for setters was Mr. Frank Kane ( England).
    From the entry of 10 English setters our Batman was chosen BOB. Mr. Frank Kane also judged the FCI Group 7 - and our Batman was lucky again being BIG2!
    Nattaset Special Feeling "Ines" was chosen as BOS.
    Besides, Nattaset breeding group received the price of BIS3 under the judge Mr. Hans Van der Berg ( Netherlands) !
    Happy got also the excellent result being Best Male 2-nd after Batman.
    Thank you Katja for handling Batman!
    Thanks for the nice companionship to: Jaana, Katja, Päivi, Terhi, Minna, Anita!!!!

    Here are some of the the photos from the weekend ( the photos made by Jaana Pöllänen).
    The descriptions of Batman and Happy are up at their own pages.

    Me & Batman BOB & BOS Jaana with Nattaset dogs Nattaset dogs and dog owners

    Click on the photos to see them larger!
    These photos by Päivi Ylänne

  • 09.09.04
    Here are the photos taken by Klaire and Kaisa during the hunting test.

  • 06.09.04
    Yesterday we were spending a long day at the field in Latvia near Riga to practice the field trial hunting test. The judge was Mrs.Marina Kuleshova from Latvia.
    As a result of this really tiring day (we started our day at 4 o'clock at night to drive towards Latvia and we ended our day at midnight when we arrived home) Batman qualified from the FT test with the 3-rd grade result.
    The judge praised Batman for his great will for searching birds, but we should practise more obedience to qualify for the 2-nd grade - by his great excitement in searching Batman somehow forgot that I am in the field with him too;););
    As a result Batman & I can apply for CH titles of Estonia and Lithuania!

    "Little" Happy got a little bit carried away with so many smells and other dogs and the long and quite warm day: we did not qualify from the test this time. Happy has to learn some more things on the field and also some obedience - I think we will try again with him after some weeks.
    In spite of his good wish for searching the birds, Happy simply has to pull himself together to work in co-operation with his handler. And that is our task now.

  • 04.09.04
    Vasalemma National Dogshow with the judge Mrs.Gillian McDowell (Ireland).
    Happy & Batman both received the descriptions with very nice & warm words from the judge.
    Batman was BOB ( BOS was the sweet bitch Siimline's Gone With the Wind "Sarah").
    And Happy received BOS jun. title - BOB jun. was again the wonderful Wild Tail's Csaba-Daba-Duu "Kessu"!
    This time we did not stay for Best In Group competition with Batman.

  • 02.09.04
    A LOTS of photos from the Bremen show taken by the professional photographer can be seen here !

  • 31.08.04
    Batman with his BIS winning trophy 28.08. - photo by Sibille HildebrandtNow we are back from our long journey (altogether 4000 km) to Germany, Bremen, to visit the VDS Club ( Verein der Setterfreunde) Clubshow on 28.08.04 with the judge Mr. John Barber ( kennel Llinlow, England).
    Altogether there were entered 64 setters of different breeds, among which 16 English setters.
    The long showday ended with absolutely GREAT FINAL:


    Hereby I would like to thank our hosts Sibille & Frank Hildebrandt for the hospitality - without you we couldn't have made our trip!
    Thank you, Claudia Volkmer (VDS Club), for all the nice words and attention and the nice presents we received!!!!

    And last but not least: BIG THANKS AND HUGS TO YOU, JAANA, for breeding such nice Englishmen like Batman is!!!!!

    The photos of the show are here.
    Batman's description is up here.

  • 18.08.04
    Our Happy ( Iron Man of Slow Fox ) has healthy hips: B/B and elbows: 0/0.

  • 15.08.04
    Yesterday we were showing Happy at Väimela Dogshow. The judge was Mrs. Natalja Nekroshiene (Lithuania). We were lucky to receive the last Estonian CAC in junior class.
    Now Happy will soon be officially rewarded as: EST & LV & LT & Balt jun CH.
    At the Junior Best of Breed competition we lost to a very nice English setter girl Wild Tail's Csaba-Daba-Duu - so we gained BOS title.
    This time Happy's description is in the English language and correctly understandable here.

  • 08.08.04
    Dog-owners are sometimes considered to be crazy: we were so crazy to start our journey towards Lithuania, Trakai, at Friday to take part in the International Dogshow with Happy at Saturday. The weather in Lithuania is very hot now (about 30 degrees warmth all the days long), so it makes the travelling with dogs a little bit complicated - but we survived - all safe and sound!
    Trakai is a very picturesque and beautiful historic place with LOTS of tourists at this time of the year.
    Besides seeing the nice scenery, the aim of our journey was the dogshow with Happy. The judge for all setters was Mrs. Sonja Falletti Bellan from Italy. Happy was so lucky to receive the Lithuanian jun-CAC with BOB-jun title. At jun-BIS there were lots of nice dogs, so we were not placed at this competition.
    Thank you, Marika Kuusman, for helping me with handling Happy in the showring!!!!
    The description of Happy is in the Russian language and hardly understandable - so I cannot put it up to Happy's own page.

  • 31.07.04
    Today we were at the dogshow for FCI Groups IV-VIII in Põltsamaa. The judge was Mrs. Rita-Kadike Skadina from Latvia.
    Happy was a nice brave boy and this time received BOB-junior and his 2-nd JUN-CAC in Estonia.
    And the day ended with an absolutely amazing fact: Happy became BIS-IV among about 30 junior dogs with the judge Mrs. Lilian Hanniste in the showring!!!!!
    Hereby I would like to give BIG THANKS TO ENELY JÄÄGER who handled Happy so well in the BIS-ring!!!

  • 30.07.04
    Today it is a birthday of Max ( Milli Miller Magister).


  • 26.07.04
    During this weekend we were at the Special Show for all setters at Lammasmäe Resting Camp and also participated at the summer-days of our Estonian Setter Club.
    The show was very nice!
    Here I would like to thank Mr. Gordon Williams and Mrs. Penny Williams for making this weekend so very special to all our setters.
    The two days were just absolutely wonderful for us!
    I would also like to thank my guests from Hungary for taking such a long trip to visit us here!!!
    Ildiko, I am so happy that I have Happy - and I am so happy to have such nice friends!!
    I would also like to thank you, Jaana & Päivi, for the nice weekend we had together!
    So, here are the most important results:
    Bournefield Zarzuela "Secret"( my Happy's mother) won the breed and became BIS I of the show!
    Bothwell Piece of Heaven "Bisse"( my Batman's mother) won BOB veteran, BIS I veteran!
    Kennel Nattaset won BIS I breeder's trophy!
    My Happy was BOS jun and received his first Jun-CAC.
    My Batman was open class 1/2 after the very nice boy Deringan Star Emeritus "Pepi", who became later Best male 1 and BOS of English setter breed.
    The descriptios of Happy & Batman are at their results pages.
    Lots of photos and the results of all setters are updated at the homepage of Estonian Setter Club.

  • 05.07.04
    At Saturday 03-rd of July we partipated at Luige National Dogshow with Happy. The judge was from Finland Mr. Harri Lehkonen. In awfully bad weather - it was raining all the day long - we did not receive the excellent result this time.
    In fact Mr. Lehkonen did not like Happy at all. So we came home tired and all wet to bone with only the "very good" grade!
    The next time we will try harder to achieve better results....

  • 22.06.04
    Happy 1-year Birthday to all the puppies of "I" litter of Slow Fox Kennel!

  • 16.06.04
    Today our Batman got honorable 3-years old!
    Happy Birthday also to sister Annu and sister Lilli!!!!

    All the three puppies of the Nattaset "Blue" litter are now nice and elegant grown-ups!
    Nattaset Blue Catwoman /Lilli Nattaset Blue Vicki Vale /Annu/ at KSP Clubshow 13.06.04
    Click on these photos to make them larger!

  • 14.06.04
    Yesterday we were having a good time at Kymen Setterit & Pointterit ry clubshow in Finland, Vihtavuori. The judge was Mrs. Jose Baddeley (GB).
    I am so glad of our results: Batman was Best Male II ( from 9 competitors) and Happy won the junior class, but was not placed at the best male competiton.
    Here is Batman's description and here Happy's description!

  • 05.06.04
    My Happy's parents Bournehouse Stormy Sea "Pride" and Bournefield Zarzuela "Secret"; brother: Ice Storm of Slow Fox and a sister: Ice Cream of Slow Fox (owners: Ildikó & Laszló Stéfan, Hungary) participated at the European Winner 2004 dogshow in Barcelona (Spain). The judge for English setters was Meriel Hathaway (GB).
    From 37 English setters registrated Bournehouse Stormy Sea "Pride"( breeder: Mrs.Penny & Mr. Gordon Williams, GB) received BOB, EU-Winner 2004 title!!!!
    Bournefield Zarzuela "Secret" ( breeder: Lieven de Leebeck & Leen van Genechten, Belgium) received BOS, EU-Winner 2004 title!!!
    Happy's sister & brother Ice Cream of Slow Fox and Ice Storm of Slow Fox received Eu-Jun Winner 2004 title!

    Congratulations Ildiko & Laszlo!! We are so-so proud to have the son of such a parents!!!
    More information and photos are at the homepage of Kennel Slow Fox.

  • 26.05.04
    Thank you Jaana for all the nice photos about our dogs in Ventspils!
    I have put them all to our photoalbum here.
    Click on the photo! Click on the photo! Click on the photo! Click on the photo!
    Click on these photos to make them larger!
    The photos made by Jaana Pöllänen, Kennel Nattaset.

  • 24.05.04
    This passed weekend we had a very nice trip to Ventspils (Latvia). The travel-companions were: Ria, Jaana, Andrus, me and the dogs: Annu, Spice, Nekku, Pertti, Happy and Batman.
    The purpose of taking such a trip was to attend the Ventspils CACIB dogshow with Mr. Tamas Jakkel (Hungary) as a judge for English setters. Altogether there were 11 English setters registrated.
    So, here are the results of our gang:
    Nattaset Moonflower "Nekku" - exc., jun.class 1/2, Best bitch 1/3, BOB, J-CAC;
    Nattaset Special Spice - exc., CQ, Best bitch 2/3, CAC, CACIB;
    Nattaset Blue Vicki Vale "Annu" - exc., CQ, Best bitch 3/3, Res-CACIB;
    Iron Man of Slow Fox "Happy" - exc., jun.class 1/2, J-CAC, Best male 4/4;
    Nattaset Special Agent JR "Pertti" - exc., CQ, Best Male 1/4, BOS, CAC, CACIB;
    Nattaset Blue Batman - exc., CQ, Best male 2/4, Res-CACIB.
    Thank you, Jaana & Ria, for the absolutely wonderful weekend and a very-very nice companionship!!!!!!

    The description of Happy is here and Batman's description is here .
    I have put some of the photos of our dogs in Ventspils to our photoalbum here.

  • 11.05.04
    My good friend Pernilla from Kennel Farthingale has still one English setter dog puppy left ( born 24.04.04, SW-03 Marmite Yorkshire Gold "Jaffa" / Fin J-W-99 Caleydene Choise "Torsti").
    Take a look at nice puppy pictures at Kennel Farthingale homepage or contact Pernilla Karlsson.

  • 25.04.04
    New album of photos from April can be seen here.

  • 24.04.04
    I have added the new link to Settermeute , setters: Betty, Wesley & Moira from Germany, to our links page.

  • 14.04.04
    Wonderful news!! - Yesterday "Rusetti" Deringan Star Dotterel gave birth to 6 tiny English setter puppies (3 boys + 3 girls). The father of the puppies is handsome Swannery Valucia Sparkler.
    All enquieries are welcome! Please contact Mira Sydänmaa. You can also read the diary and look at the photos at Rusetti's homepage.

  • 29.03.04
    Yesterday we visited the Open Show of Kymen Setterit & Pointterit ry in Finland. The judge of the show was Mrs. Linda Harris ( Kennel Gemsett, GB). The show was very nice and very well organised!
    My Happy was competing in junior class for the very first time ( he only got 9 months old six days ago!). And he won the junior class with CQ! At the best male competition he was left 4-th.
    Batman was Open class 1/1, 3-rd best male.
    Altogether there were 22 English setters present.
    It was a very nice day !
    Thank you, Jaana, for your kindness and hospitality !!
Happy at 28.03. show; photo: Minna Toivola
Pätu at 28.03. show; photo: Minna Toivola

  • 15.03.04
    This passed weekend we were having a trip to Lithuania, Vilnius to participate at two international dogshows.
    13.03.04, Saturday:
    judge:Anatoli Zhuk,Belorussia
    Bertta ( Nattaset Piece of Moon) - BOB Junior, Jun CAC, LTJ W-2004;
    My Happy - BOB puppy;
    My Batman - Open class 1/1, excellent.
    The BOB and LTW-04 title was not given out at all!

    14.03.04, Sunday:
    judge: Zivile Povilaitiene, Lithuania
    Bertta - BOB Jun, BOB, Jun CAC, "Vilnius Cup Winner-04";
    Bertta is only 13 months old winning already BOB!!!! She was placed among 10 best dogs at Junior BIS, but unfortunately was not placed at FCI VII group competition.
    Congratulations!!! What a nice weekend for Bertta and her owners!
    Annika received an absolutely nice birthday present with Bertta's results!

    My Happy - BOB puppy ;
    My Batman - Best male, BOS, CAC, CACIB, "Vilnius Cup Winner-04".

    To conclude all the above mentioned, we had a nice trip to Lithuania.
    Thank you Marika and Ina for being very nice travel companions!

    And last, but not least: The most tiny but brave travel companion, little sweetie Ronja (Shaggy ot Nevskogo Hobbita), the Griffon Bruxellois, was BOS-Junior at both days gaining also LT JW-04 and "Vilnius Cup Winner-04" titles.

    The descriptions of my dogs of the first day are up at their results pages.
    Unfortunately the descriptions of the second day are in Lithuanian language;););)

  • 29.02.04
    Meeli Küttim , the photographer from "Äripäev" newspaper , made absolutely adorable photos of some of our setters. I have put some nice photos up here .

    New judges added to the dogshows 2004 page .

  • 24.02.04
    I have started new photopages for my dogs and other English setters at my photoalbum - take a look!
    Several new links added to the linkpage.
    Happy's own special photopage is also updated with some new photos of 8 months old puppy.

  • 02.02.04
    Our Setter Club clubshow yesterday went very smoothly. I think it was a nice day with many nice setters. Mr. Jukka Kuusisto as a judge fulfilled this long day ( 63 setters registrated ) and made this day a very special one for several of us.
    Bertta (Nattaset Piece of Moon) was BOB junior and BIS II junior setter.
    Rusetti (Deringan Star Dotterel) was BOB English setter and was also placed BIS II.
    Happy was at his second dogshow. He behaved very well and received a beautiful trophy for being BIS-puppy II. Here is his description .

  • 02.01.04
    02.01.2004 before Christmas