Uudised 2003

  • 21.08.03
    We have great news : this coming weekend we are going to visit the Clubshow of setters and other hunting dogs in Poland .
    And we will also pick up a new member for our family - the lovely English setter-boy , Happy .
    He will come from Kennel Slow Fox , Hungary ( owners : Ildikó and Laszló Stéfan ).
    Happy 7 weeks , photo by Ildiko Stefan
    Happy 7 weeks , photo by Ildiko Stefan

  • 01.08.03
    At Paide National Dogshow , 25.10.03 Rune Fagerström from Finland is the judge for English setters . Here is the info about shows in Estonia .
    The new cute English setter puppies have been born in the Kennel Magenta in Poland .
    The puppies in Kennel Slow Fox ( Hungary ) are already a little more than 5 weeks old !

    All the results of the Estonian Setter Club Special Show are up here !

  • 28.07.03
    This passed weekend was spent at the Estonian Setter Club summerdays in Nelijärve .The weather was very hot , but I think this event was really a very nice one ! At Saturday's CC rights special dogshow all our dogs were very successful . Elmo ( Tuliketun Tulilintu ) was Best Veteran of the show at the age of 12,5 years !
    Little Bertta ( Nattaset Piece of Moon ) was the best puppy of the show !
    My Max was best male 2-nd and Batman open class 1/2 . Besides , Max was 3-rd at the best head of the show competition ( judge Mrs. Rita Pike ) !
    The best male 1-st and also the Best of Breed English setter was the American type Dunley Brawley on Hardwin Gentle from St.Petersburg . The best bitch and BOS title went to a very lovely Deringan Star Dotterel ( Rusetti ) . And the proud BIS I Junior of the show was Nattaset Special Agent JR ( Pertti ) .
    The judge for The English setters was Mrs.Doreen Bowen from UK .
    The descriptions of my dogs are (like always ) at their results pages !

  • 13.07.03
    After a short break we were at Luige ( near Tallinn ) showing our Batman again . Little Bertta ( Nattaset Piece of Moon ) was also taking part in her first official show as a baby-puppy . And so Bertta received a very good description and this time was placed 2-nd English setter puppy after Siimline's Gone With the Wind .
    It is so nice to see , that now at least some English setters will be growing to take part in the dogsshows !!!
    Our Batman was BOB and BIG-2 . Unfortunately at group competition there were NO MORE dogs from FCI Group-7 than my Batman and the Irish setter . So we were left to the honourable 2-nd place !
    Here is our Batman's description .

  • 17.06.03
    This passed weekend we were in Finland having good time at Kymen Setterit and Pointterit ry Clubshow . Altogether there were 37 English Setters registrated to that show .
    Batman got "excellent" grade and was placed 6-th at the Best Male competition .
    There were so many beautiful English setters present !
    Little Bertta ( Nattaset Piece of Moon ) was also very brave and was placed as the 3-rd young English setter puppy at the show .
    The BOB title and later BIS-3 went to Swannery Valucia Sparkler ( Leo ).
    Here is our Batman's description .

  • 08.06.03
    Batman and Max were attending the Estonian Winner 2003 show yesterday . Unfortunately they both got not very good descriptions and although received "excellent" grade , were not placed at all in the competition class by the judge Mrs.Rita Kadike-Skadina from Latvia ( there were no more English setters at the show than my two dogs ! ).

  • 18.05.03
    People do have strange hobbies . My hobby is to participate at dogshows here and there . Yesterday we were at Latvian Winner 2003 show in Riga . The judge for FCI Group 7 was Mr. Paul Stanton from Sweden .
    The show for setters was very funny and it is somehow very sad that to such a big and important dogshow such a judge was invited - now it is clear that he does know very little about setters , and that's the most sad thing !
    Here is our Batman's description and I will not give my comments on it at all .

  • 28.04.03
    Now I have managed to write my memories about the trip to Hungary down here . Sorry the text is in Estonian now , but I will translate it into English soon .

  • 24.04.03
    Yesterday we arrived from our trip to Hungary . We participated at the 3 different dogshows in Szilvasvarad , Hungary , during 19-th to 21-th April . The trip went very well .
    Hereby I would like to thank our wonderful travel companions : Jaana , Tarja and the dogs : little Pertti , Rick , Jill !!!
    In spite of the very hard competition ( there were very-very beautiful English setters from Poland , Romania , Belgium , Holland , Hungary ) our Finnish-Estonian team did very well : Rick ( Nattaset That's Right ) was Best Male at the first day and Best Male II at the second day and Best male II in the open class at the third day ;
    Pertti ( Nattaset Special Agent JR ) was the Best Puppy at all three shows ;
    Jill ( Nattaset After That ) was Best bitch II at all three shows losing only to a very special and nice bitch Bournefield Zarzuela "Secret" ( breeder :Mr.Lieven & Leen Genechten-Leebeck , owner: Stéfan Laszló & Ildikó Bisztrovics ) , who won BOB title at all the three shows !
    On the first and second day our BatmanPätu winning Hungarian Club Winner-2003 title-photo Jaana Pöllänen lost in the intermediate class to absolutely nice dog Bournehouse Stormy Sea ( breeder : G. & P. Williams ; owner : Ildikó Bisztrovics & Stéfan Laszló ) .
    But on the third day at the Hungarian Setter Clubshow ( altogether 35 English Setters ) our Batman was chosen as the Best Male I ( from 11 dogs ) and won the title Club Winner 2003 ! . The judge for English setters was Mrs. Penny Williams herself .
    I will try to write a more thorough story about our trip soon !
    Meanwhile Batman's description from the Clubshow is up here . The other two descriptions from these shows I can put up to this homepage , if I will find the possibility to translate them from Hungarian language .

  • 12.04.03
    Our Estonian Setter Club is having its summerdays during the weekend of 26.-27-th July at the very picturesque spot Nelijärve ( 60 km from Tallinn ), which is situated by the lake Purgatsi . On Saturday , 26-th of July , we will be having C.C. rights dogshow for all the setter-breeds at the same place .
    We have invited Mrs. Rita Pike to judge the Irish Red - and Irish Red & White Setters and Mrs. Doreen Bowen to judge Gordon- and English Setters .
    Several intersting games , lectures are also planned for this weekend ( included dance and DJ ! ).
    The due date to enter the dogshow is 06.07.2003 .
    There is more thorough information about this weekend at Estonian Setter Club homepage .
    Or you can also contact me for more information !

  • 30.03.03
    Little Bertta ( Nattaset Piece of Moon ) arrived to live in Estonia !!
    I wish you a good luck with her , Annika !
    And thank you , Jaana , for trusting us to have Bertta here !

  • 26.03.03
    On Sunday , 23-rd of March , we were participating at the Dogshow in Triigi organised by the Rakvere Kennel Club of Estonia .
    What a mess was this show !!! Our showring was 2 hours late , the BIG competitions "stretched" to almost 3 hours late . There was so little room for the dogs and people ! It seems they never learn !
    The nice thing was that our Pätu did very well at the show . He was BOB and later BIG-2 after the Irish setter . Not a bad result at all !!!
    The Russian judge Ljubov Zhitkova liked him a lot !
    Batman's description is up here .

  • 12.03.03
    Today is the very special birthday - Our Max's father Tuliketun Tulilintu ( Elmo ) is having his 12-th birthday today !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY , DEAR ELMO !!! HURRAH !! WE LOVE YOU !!

  • 22.02.03
    Added a new judge to the Dogshows page .
    At Baltic Winner-2003 show all the setters will be judged by Jevgeni Kupljauskas from Russia .

  • 09.02.03
    Yesterday we had lovely guests - Pätu's sister Lilli with her owner Katja . So we were taking part in the Tallinn International Dogshow with the judge Mrs.Gillian McDowell from Ireland . The judge was really a very sympathic and friendly lady , who did not let anyone out of the showring without any kind of nice word . Pätu and Lilli received their very first CACIB-s ! This time Lilli was BOS and Pätu BOB ( later at group competition with Mrs. Leni Nousiainen he was left to an honourable - if not to mention the last - 3-rd place !
    Pätu's description is up at his results page .

    I have also added some new judges for the summer to the dogshows page 2003 .

    At Nattaset Kennel 9 tiny English Setter puppies were born ! Take a look !!!

  • 02.02.03
    Yesterday the Clubshow for all the setterbreeds was held in Tallinn .
    The judge was Mrs. Teija Parkko ( Kennel Kanelin ) from Finland .
    We had a great time there ! And the organisers of the show had really done a great job - everything was planned so very well .
    Now about our results : first of all our tiny English Setter friend Nattaset Special Moment ( Alma ) owned by Jelena Tkatsenko , being only 5 months old received her very first price - BOB puppy and later BIS puppy II ( after Irish setter) .
    Congratulations Leena - Alma is a very sweet little girl !!
    I will try to put up the photos of Alma to my homepage soon .
    Our Batman was BOB and later BIS III ( remark : as always , after Irish and Gordon ).
    Our sweet Max was Best Male 2 and received a very good description indeed . The judge liked especially his head and a look .
    Please read our descriptions at Max's results page and Batman's results page .
    Our Batman has an honour to be a THIRD YOUNG SHOW SETTER OF THE YEAR 2002 at our Setterclub of Estonia - we also received a nice diploma !

    In spite of the fact that there are 23 English setters registrated in our Estonian Kennel Union at the moment , it is so pity we still have so few English Setters at our shows .
    The breed is constantly not very popular among people , although it should be , because these dogs are simply very beautiful and wonderful companions !

    So , if anyone is interested in a puppy English Setter , please contact Nattaset Kennel .
    // Kui kellelgi on huvi vahva Inglise Setteri kutsika suhtes , palun vaadake Nattaset Kenneli kodukat ja võtke ühendust minuga või otse Nattaset Kenneliga Soomes . Kohe-kohe peaks seal kennelis sündima pesakond väga heade tõuomadustega inglise liinidest pärit kutsikaid !

    The judges of the Setter Special Show in 26.07.2003 will be Mr.& Mrs. Bowen ( Kennel Chelmset ) from UK . Take a look at the Dogshows page .

  • 26.01.03
    Yesterday we were at Kohtla-Järve National Dogshow with Batman .
    And it was absolutely a marvellous day !
    Not because the rooms for a dogshow were so much overcrowded and our Batman was about for being biten from other dogs twice during that day , but because Batman was placed 1-st at the Group 7 competition under judge Natalja Sedõh from Russia !
    After in the Best In competition we were placed 5-10 !!

    We are so very happy and proud of our fellow - Batman .
    I will try to put up Batman's description to his page as soon as I get the translation from the Russian language .

    I have added a new judge Mrs. Tamara Sarmont from Belorussia to the dogshows page and a link to Kennel Redsocks English Setters from Italy to the links page .