Uudised 2005

  • 05.12.05
    This passed weekend we were having fun at the dogshows in Lithuania:

    Saturday, 03-rd of December - Vilnius Winter 2005 International Dogshow:
    After 3 changes from the side of the organisers of the show, the judge for English setters was Olga Scerita (Moldavia). Happy got "very good" with the description list that cannot be commented - nothing was at the place where it should be... None of the male English setters received any titles or prices...

    Sunday, 04-th of December - Vilnius National Dogshow:
    The judge for all setters: Renata Petkeviciene (Lithuania). This day was better than the previous. Happy received "excellent" with Best Male 1/3, CAC, BOS.

    We can apply for the title of LT CH now!

    P.S. We had a very nice and dog-friendly hotel - I can recommend the hotel Karolina to everybody who intends to visit Vilnius city.

  • 26.11.05
    "Willy" (Fortunaviola Dilan Pikkolo) and "Kessie" (Fortunaviola Kora Gracia) took part in Narva National Dogshow where the judge for setters was Dmitri Zabasta (Estonia).
    Both received "excellent" grades, received their last junCAC.
    So they both will be waiting for the EST Jun CH title to be confirmed by Estonian Kennel Union.
    Besides, Willy was placed BOSjun and BOS; Kessie was BOBjun and Best Bitch 2-nd.

    You have done such a good work in raising these two youngsters!
    We are so proud of you!

  • 07.11.05
    Yesterday we took part in Tartu International Dogshow with Happy. English setters entered: 4; the judge for setters: Mrs. Liliane de Ridder-Onghena (Belgium).
    Happy was the only English setter who received the "excellent" grade. The judge awarded him with the title BOB and CACIB.

  • 03.11.05
    Now already 2 puppies of Alma & Happy are X-rayed for HD.
    Today I received the wonderful news from Sibille in Germany: Fortunaviola Kitti Princes "Pepper" has HD:B/B.
    I am so-so glad to hear that!

  • 21.10.05
    Dear Pest,
    You left the world so suddenly.
    The memory of you will live on in your sons and daughters.
    We will always remember you.

    FinW00/01 NordW01 SW02 Moon Magic Po Pengtsson "Pest"
    17.04.1997 - 21.10.2005

  • 18.10.05
    At Sunday, 16-th of October, we were at Rakvere All-Breed National Dogshow.
    Judge for English setters was Mrs. Annika Ulltveit-Moe.
    There were 5 English setters entered.
    Happy received excellent grade and was placed Best Male 2-nd after the young dog Jet Bomber of Slow Fox.
    Willy got "very good" and was placed 3-rd in junior class.

  • 10.10.05
    Our Max in his favourite pose (sometimes you simply need to stretch out your legs if you are so-so tired):
    /Click on the photo to make it larger!/

  • 26.09.05
    During this passed weekend we made a quick trip to the beautiful island of Ahvenamaa (Aland). We had dogs with us of course and the aim was the Eckerö International Dogshow.
    The judge for setters was Mrs. Lydia Erhart, Holland.
    Here are the results of my dogs:
    Batman - "Excellent", CH-class 1/1, Res-CAC, Res-CACIB, Best male 2/2;
    Happy - "Excellent", Working class 1/1, CAC, CACIB, Best male 1/2, BOS.
    Best of Breed and later BIG2 went to Nattaset Moonflower "Nekku".
    It was really a very nice weekend with lovely sunny and warm weather.

    Some "postcards" with the feelings from this romantic island can be found HERE.

  • 19.09.05
    The very first puppy of Happy & Alma had its HD test done: Fortunaviola Deppi Ibis "Finn" has HD-A.
    This is really a very pleasant news!

  • 15.09.05
    Finally I have managed to make the album of our Opole (Poland) journey ready. Click HERE !

  • 10.09.05
    Today we were at National Dogshow in Keila. The judge for setters was Mrs. Ing-Marie Hagelin (Sweden). 4 English setters entered.
    Happy's son Willy (Fortunaviola Dilan Pikkolo) received his 2-nd JunCAC and was BOB-junior. Unfortunately Willy was not placed at the Junior Best In Show competition.

    Congratulations Relika!!! This was such a nice result!!!!

    My Happy received also "excellent" with Best male 1/3, BOB, BIG3.

    It was a nice day!
    Willy at Keila show, handled by Marika Kuusman Willy at Keila show, handled by Marika Kuusman
    /Click on the photos to make them larger! - photos by Relika Reisberg./

  • 30.08.05
    Today we arrived from the trip to Opole(Poland), where the clubshow for all British pointing dogs took place.
    The judge for English setters was Mrs. Jane Dennis (Kennel Mariglen, UK).
    Happy was placed 2/4 getting "excellent"; Batman was 1/3 in the CH-class receiving also "excellent" with CAC.
    Besides Batman attended the brace-competition with his sister Lilli (Nattaset Blue Catwoman) being BIS2. Photos and the full results of the show can be found HERE! and HERE!

    BOB & BIS2 was our Happy's sister: I Love You "Patched" of Slow Fox.
    Lovely photos can be found at the homepage of Kennel Slow Fox.
    Happy - 2 years / Photo by Jaana Pöllänen Happy - 2 years / Photo by Jaana Pöllänen
    /Click on the photos to make them larger! - photos by Jaana Pöllänen./

  • 15.08.05
    At Saturday we were at Riga (Latvia) International Dogshow with the judge Rune Fagerström (Finland) for English setters.
    Batman received grade "very good".

    BOB, BIG4 was the charming sister of our Batman - Nattaset Blue Catwoman. Congratulations Katja & Jaana for Lilli's CAC and CACIB - now Lilli & Katja can apply for Latvian CH and Int. CH title!

    BOS and best male was our second travel companion: Jet Bomber of Slow Fox. My warmest congratulations to you too - Aivi!
    We all had such a nice trip together!!

    The photos of the showday can be seen at Aivi's homepage HERE!

    -----At the same day Fortunaviola Dilan Pikkolo "Willy" attended the Väimela National Dogshow with the judge Elmar Lurich (Estonia). Willy received his first JunCAC and was graded BOS.
    Congratulations Relika! Keep on going!

    New photos of Willy at the show added to his own page!

  • 09.08.05
    We are keeping our fingers crossed to you for the future!!!!

  • 08.08.05
    Yesterday we visited the Baltic Winner 2005 show in Trakai (Lithuania). We had nice travel companions: Jet Bomber of Slow Fox and Aivi with us.
    The entry of English setters:14 and the judge Mr. Kari Järvinen (Finland).
    It has passed only some weeks after our last dogshow, but this time it seems all the outlook of our dogs has changed: the judge obviously liked something else than our dogs. So, the grade was only "Very Good" for Happy and Bomber too.
    Besides Happy was left to the last place: 4-th in the open class male dogs.
    Next time we will certainly try harder for better results...!

  • 31.07.05
    I wish to recommend a bitch puppy of Irish Red Setter bred by kennel Irish Melody (owner: Kaja Koger). The puppy will be given out to caring, loving and active owners, who might be interested in dogshows.
    Mother of the puppy: BALT W'02 BERBOSS LOVE MELODY (CLAD free, HD:B/B); father of the puppy: QUEENSTONE I'AM WHAT I'AM "KEIKO"( CLAD-free, HD:A/A).

  • 31.07.05
    I have put the photos of the Setter Special Show here and here. The photos are made by Jaana Pöllänen & me (English setters), Ergo Manninen & Margit Tamm (Gordon setters). IRWS photos by Angela Sarapuu.
    The detailed results of all setter-breeds can be found here.

  • 25.07.05
    The photos of the Setter Special Show will soon be added!

    Thank you, all the setter-friends, who attended the dogshows during this passed weekend - I am so-so glad that we all could gather to spend a nice time together - inspite of the terrible weather conditions;););)...

  • 24.07.05
    At Haapsalu all-breeds CAC-show - the judge for English setters: Mr. Terry Thorn (UK).
    Out of 24 entries of English setters:
    Batman - excellent, CH-class 2/2;
    Happy - excellent, working class 1/1, Best male 3/4.

    The children of Happy:
    Willy - very good, jun.class 4/4;
    Kessie - excellent, jun.class 4/4.

    BOB went to Deringan Star Edison, BOS was the charming sister of my Batman - Nattaset Blue Vicki Vale.

  • 23.07.05
    At Jõekääru Camping place - The Setter Club of Estonia Special CAC-rights dogshow.
    The judge for English-, Gordon- and IRW setters was Mrs. Jose Baddeley (UK).
    Out of 25 entries of English setters our results are:
    Batman (Nattaset Blue Batman) - excellent, CH-class 1/2, Best male 1/4, BOB, BIS2;
    Happy (Iron Man of Slow Fox) - excellent, working class 1/1, Best male 4/4.

    The children of our Happy:
    Willy (Fortunaviola Dilan Pikkolo) - very good, Jun.class 4/4;
    Kessie (Fortunaviola Kora Gracia) - excellent, jun.class 1/4, Jun.CAC.

    BOS English setter with CAC was the charming sister of my Happy - Ice Cream of Slow Fox.

  • 10.07.05
    Yesterday we spent a sunny and hot day at the National Dogshow at Luige.There were 7 English setters entered. The judge for all setters was Mr. Rui Oliviera (Portugal).
    All our English setters did very well receiving "excellent".
    - Fortunaviola Kora Gracia "Kessie" - BOSjun, JunCAC, Best Bitch 2/4;
    - Fortunaviola Dilan Pikkolo "Willy" - Jun.class 2/2;
    - Iron Man of Slow Fox "Happy" - Working class 1/1, Best Male 1, BOB, CAC, BIG2.
    Being only 2-years old, Happy can now be officially named EST CH!

    BOBjun. went to Jet Bomber of Slow Fox "Bomber".
    BOS was Nattaset Piece of Moon "Bertta".

    Congratulations to all our English setter "gang"!
    Especially I am very proud of Kessie, who being only 10 months old received her first junCAC and was placed Best Bitch 2!

  • 02.07.05
    Willy (Fortunaviola Dilan Pikkolo) attended the Pärnu International Dogshow(judge Mrs. Arja Koskelo, Finland) with the result "very good" in junior class.
    Let's hope at the next time it will be even better...

  • 19.06.05
    Yesterday we were having a nice time at Kymen Setterit ry Clubshow in Vihtavuori (Finland). The entry of English setters was 32, the judge was Mrs. Linda Taylor (kennel Wansleydale, England).
    The show itself passed like a dream:
    OUR HAPPY WON BOB! LATER HE BECAME BIS 2! So many nice trophies we got! So many nice flowers!
    The show was very well organised - great thanks to the show organising committee!

    BOS title went to a very charming lady: Nattaset Moonflower "Nekku"(owners: Katja Hyppänen & Jaana Pöllänen).
    My Batman was 3-rd (with CC) in the Open class (out of 4 entries).
    Photos and the whole results will be put to the homepage of Kymen Setterit ry.

    We had very nice travel companions with us this time: Aivi with Jet Bomber of Slow Fox "Bomber". Bomber received the very honourable 2-nd place (with CC) in the junior class (out of 3 entries).Congratulations to you, Aivi - this is a BIG result in such a hard competition!

    My best wishes and congratulations to Ildikó & Laszló for breeding such lovely dogs in the kennel of Slow Fox !
    Happy BIS2 Batman Happy & Nekku
    Click on the photos to make them larger! - photos by Mira Sydänmaa (kennel Charmsett).

    A lot of feelings from the show can be seen HERE !

  • 19.06.05
    Some pictures from our Holland trip can be seen HERE !

  • 07.06.05
    Yesterday evening we arrived from our trip to Holland, Waalwijk, where on the 04-th of June there was held the Jubileum Show (75 years) of the English Setter Club (VES) of Holland. The judge invited was Mrs. Valerie Foss (UK).
    Out of the amount of 53 English setters all the dogs of our traveling group did excellent:
    - Nattaset Moonflower "Nekku" - Breeder's class 1, Best bitch 2, Res-CAC;
    - Nattaset After That "Jill" - Working class 1, Best working dog of the show;
    - Bothwell Piece of Heaven "Bisse" - Veteran class 1, Best veteran of the show;
    - Nattaset Blue Batman - Working class 1, BOS working dog of the show;
    - Iron Man of Slow Fox - Intermediate class 1.

    And the BOB was Bournehouse Stormy Sea "Pride"(owners: Ildikó & Laszló Stéfan, kennel Slow Fox). We are so-so proud of our Happy's father!

    Thank you so much, Anita Snoeck for inviting us to the show!

    Many thanks to Jeanne and Boy de Bok for all your kindness and help!

    Thank you Jaana for the nice companionship during the long journey!

    In spite of the fact that we drove about 4500 km within 6 days, it was such a nice trip! We saw a lot of beautiful English setters in Waalwijk. The dogshow was just perfectly organised - everything was just wonderful!

    /Some pictures from our Holland trip can be seen HERE !/

  • 19.05.05
    Now we are happily home from our trip to Hungary, Szilvasvarad. We attended 3 dogshows there: 2 CACIB shows and the Setter Clubshow. In spite of the rainy weather all the 28 English setters at every day and their owners were very cheerful and friendly. We saw a LOT OF very beautiful setters there!
    The results of Happy and Batman:
    14.05.05, judge: Istvan Nagy, Hungary -
    Happy: Intermediate class Exc.1/2, CAC, Best male 3-rd;
    Batman: Working class Exc.2/3.
    15.05.05, judge: Ronny Blomme, Belgium-
    Happy: Intermediate class Very Good 2/2;
    Batman: Working class Exc.2/3, Res-CAC.
    16.05.05, judge: Patsy Hollings, England-
    Happy: Intermediate class Exc.1/2, CAC
    Batman: Working class Exc.3/3.
    I would like to thank our travel companions Jaana & Katja for the nice time we had together!!!!
    Thank you, Ildiko, for inviting us to the shows and arranging us the nicest accomodation in Belapatfalva town.

    Here is the list of the dogs we had with us:
    Nattaset Blue Catwoman "Lilli",
    Nattaset Moonflower "Nekku",
    Nattaset Special Feeling "Ines",
    Mariglen Holy Moses "Moses",
    Iron Man of Slow Fox "Happy",
    Nattaset Blue Batman "Batman".
    Batman & Lilli with Katja took part in the best couple competition at the clubshow being BIS1 couple! And Kennel Nattaset was BIS1 breeders group!
    Other results of Nattaset dogs can be found at Nattaset Kennel homepage.

    We also met little Fortunaviola Kitti Princes "Pepper" with Sibille from Germany, Hannover - it was so nice to see you again! Pepper received "Very good" at the first two days, and got "Excellent" at the clubshow. She was very brave to compete with much older and more developed junior class bitches.

    Pictures of the journey can be seen HERE !

  • 16.05.05
    My dream has come true:
    the little Irish Red and White setter-boy "Ooker" has come to live in Estonia. As far as I know it is the very first IRWS in Estonia. Ooker is from direct English & Irish bloodlines and has come to live here from Finland, breeder: Ansa Nummijärvi.
    Good luck Angela & Ooker!!! I hope we will hear a lot about you in the future!
    Ooker, photo by Angela Sarapuu
    Click on the photo to make it larger!

  • 14.05.05
    Fortunaviola Dilan Pikkolo "Willy" and Fortunaviola Kora Gracia "Kessie" attended their very first official dogshow at "Estonian Winner 2005". They both got very nice descriptions and the grades "Very good" from the judge Tiina Illukka, Finland.
    As they just got 9-months old, it was their very first time in junior class.
    Altogether there were 17 English setters entered to the show.

  • 04.05.05
    I have renewed and corrected the links page at my homepage.

  • 03.05.05
    Take a look at the new photos of Fortunaviola Dilan Pikkolo "Willy" at his own page.

  • 11.04.05
    Excellent news from Germany:
    Yesterday Fortunaviola Kitti Princes "Pepper" attended the VDS Clubshow in Bremen with the judge Mrs. Rosemary Ramsey from England.
    Little Pepper received a very good description with the result: excellent 1, Best In Show Puppy!
    Congratulations Sibille and Frank! That is a wonderful result of Pepper! Keep on going!

  • 27.03.05
    Yesterday we were having a good time at the Rakvere National Dogshow. The judge for setters was Mr. Rune Fagerström (Finland).
    Here are the results of the day:
    Charmsett A Sparkling Eyes "Emma" - Jun class Exc.1, Jun.CAC;
    Nattaset Piece of Moon "Bertta" - Open class Exc.1, Best bitch 4;
    Nattaset Blue Catwoman "Lilli" - CH-class Exc.1, Best bitch 3,
    Nattaset After That "Jill" - Working class Exc.1, Best bitch 2, CAC;
    Bothwell Piece of Heaven "Bisse" - Vet.class Exc.1, Best bitch 1, BOB, BIG2;
    Nattaset Blue Batman "Batman" - CH-class Exc.1, Best male 2;
    Iron Man of Slow Fox "Happy" - Interm.class Exc.1, Best male 1, BOS.

    The English setters of Nattaset kennel participated at the BIS-breeders class: AND WE WON THE 1-ST PRICE!
    Besides, Batman & Lilli took part in BIS Couple competition with Katja: AND THEY WON ALSO THE 1-ST PRICE!
    My warmest congratulations to Terhi for Jill's CAC - now Jill is also EST CH!

    Thank you Jaana and Katja for the nice time at the showday! It really was a great day! We are so proud of Bisse, who at the age of 9-years ran so elegantly to gain the prices!

    Thanks again, Marika, for helping to handle Batman at Best male competition!

  • 14.03.05
    Yesterday at Crufts 2005 the breed of English setters "made the world" - Sh CH Bournehouse Royal Colours (owned and bred by Mrs.Penny & Mr.Gordon Williams) got the title of Reserv Best in Show.
    My best wishes and congratulations to Mrs. Penny Williams and Mr. Gordon Williams for that great result!

  • 13.03.05
    We were visiting the Latvian Winner Int. Dogshow in Riga. First of all I would like to thank our travel companions: Marika & Ina for the nice companionship on the way Tallinn-Riga-Tallinn.
    The amount of English setters present: 11 (4 bitches + 7 dogs). The judge was from Hungary: Mr. Laszlo Erdös.
    Here are the results of our Estonian English setters:
    Nattaset Piece of Moon "Bertta" (own: Ina Petrova & Annika Kuklase) - Exc.1, Open class 1/2, CAC, CACIB, Best bitch 1/3, BOS, title LVW 05;
    Charmsett a Sparkling Eyes "Emma" (own: Urve Arukaevu) - Exc.1, Jun class 1/1, JunCAC, Best bitch 3/3;
    Iron Man of Slow Fox "Happy" - Exc.1, Interm. class 1/2, Best dog 3/4;
    Nattaset Blue Batman "Batman" - Exc.1, CH-class 1/1, Best dog 4/4.
    And the BOB winner was: Golden Jump Markovs David from Latvia.
    Congratulations to Bertta's owners Annika & Ina and the breeder Jaana for this great result of Bertta!

  • 28.02.05
    New photos of Pepper added. Thank you again, Sibille & Frank, for the photos!

  • 25.02.05
    New photos of Kate and Finn have been put to their own pages. Thank you Wally & Anita for these cute photos!!!! We are very proud of you and keeping our fingers crossed to see you at some time in summer!

  • 13.02.05
    Yesterday was the day of our third dogshow in this year. The judge for English setters was Mrs. Kate Crosbie from North-Ireland. From 6 entries our Batman was chosen BOB with CACIB.
    Unluckily Batman had no success in FCI Group 7 competition and was not placed there.

    Congratulations to Katja and Jaana for "Lilli's" (Nattaset Blue Catwoman) BOS, CAC, CACIB: now Lilli became EST CH!!!

    We also showed the Nattaset Breeder's class receiving "excellent", but were not successful at the BIS competition this time.

    Other results:
    - Iron Man of Slow Fox "Happy" - Best Male 2-nd, Res-CACIB, CAC;
    - Nattaset One N'Only - Jun 1/1;
    - Nattaset Piece of Moon - Open 1/1, Res-CACIB, Best Bitch 2-nd;
    - Charmsett a Sparkling Eye - Jun 1/2. 12.02.05 BOB- Nattaset Blue Batman & BOS- Nattaset Blue Catwoman; photo: Jaana Pöllänen
    Click on the photo to make it larger!

  • 05.02.05
    Today we had the Estonian Setter Club Clubshow with 7 English setters participating. This time the judge was from Estonia: Mrs. Jelena Kruus.
    My Happy's children Fortunaviola Kora Gracia "Kessie" and Fortunaviola Dilan Pikkolo "Willy" attended their very first dogshow. The long showday ended with very nice results:
    Kessie was BOB baby-puppy and later was BIS1 baby;
    Willy was BOS baby-puppy;
    Their daddy, Happy, was Best Male 1 and BOS;
    Batman was Best Male 2-nd.
    Best of Breed and later BIS3 titles went to Nattaset Piece of Moon "Bertta"!
    My warmest congratulations to Annika & Ina for Bertta's results!
    My best wishes and congratulations to Laura for Kessie's results!
    Also best wishes and congratulations to Relika for Willy's results!

    It was a nice day that ended so well!
    Clubshow 05.02.05 BOB- Nattaset Piece of Moon & BOS- Iron Man of Slow Fox; photo: Ergo Manninen
    Click on the photo to make it larger!

  • 30.01.05
    New photos of Kessie added here.
    I have also added new photos of Willy.

  • 29.01.05
    So we were visiting the very first dogshow of this year. But with really bad luck: all our dogs got "excellent" grades but without any prices.
    The judge Lidia Sokolova from Russia seemed to be very critical about what concerned our dogs.
    Maybe the next time we will have the better luck!

  • 16.01.05
    Happy has received the honour-title of: "The Best Junior Male Show-Setter of the Year 2004" from the Estonian Setter Club.

  • 09.01.05
    It is very rare here in Estonia that we are having a storm in January like we are sometimes used to have late in autumn. In some places the sea-level has risen for 2 meters already - some roads are covered with water. But the weather itself is warmer and more rainy as we are ordinarily used to have in January.
    The storm at the sea is a magnificent thing (at least as long as you can look it safely on the shore) - it always reminds me of the song "Home By the Sea" by Phil Collins.
    Here are some feelings from the most northern seacoast of Estonia taken today:
    Click on these photos to make them larger!

  • 07.01.05
    Good news! Mr. Rune Fagerström will be judging English setters at Rakvere CAC show. Look at the information at dogshows page.