Uudised 2007

  • 22.06.2007
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY - 4 years!

  • 16.06.2007
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAR BATMAN - you are now 6 years old!

  • 14.06.2007
    The things are going even better here:
    I just got the news from Farthingale kennel that Rockstro High Fidelity "Mel" has been ultrascanned today and the vet saw many tiny puppies! So, it is for sure that our Batman will be a father.
    The puppies will be born in the middle of July.

    Congratulations Pernilla and Peter!

    Congratulations Jaana (Nattaset kennel) and thank you once more for taking care of all the mating-procedures)))) in Finland!
    That is really the loveliest news of all times!)))))
    Mel Batman Batman & Mel
    Batman Batman Mel
    Photos by Jaana Pöllänen.

  • 12.06.2007
    Today we arrived from Zagreb, Croatia, safe and sound. It was a hard trip because of the terribly warm weather in all the countries we passed during our journey. Our aim was to take part in the "European Winner 2007" title dogshow with Happy and Annie.
    English setters were entered 27, the judge was Mr. Istvan Nagy (Hungary). Although the judge clearly preferred the american type of the breed, both our dogs got excellent results:
    working class excellent 2/3, res-CAC, res-CACIB, Best male 2-nd;
    received even better result:
    junior class excellent 1/4, Jun-CAC, BOB-jun, CRjCH, "EU JunWinner 2007" title.

    We are really very-very proud of our dogs!

    Here I would like to thank my husband Andrus, who is always there beside me at the dogshows - encouraging and helping!

    Happy / Click at the photo! Annie / Click at the photo!
    Photos by kennel Slow Fox.

  • 02.06.2007
    Today was the day of International Show "EST Winner 2007". The entry of English setters was 16 and the judge for setters: Mrs. Tiina Illukka (Finland).
    In spite of the fact that the showring number for us was 13 and it sounded quite awsome, it was a super day for us!
    Annie's result:
    excellent, jun.class 1/3, JunCAC, EST JW 2007, best bitch 2-nd (total of 8 bitches entered). And Tiina Illukka did not write a single negative word to the description-list.

  • 19.05.2007
    We were spending nice and sunny day in Riga, Latvia, at International Dogshow. The judge for setters was Mrs. Ligita Zake (Latvia), English setters entered: 12.
    Our little Annie was the only English type representative at English setter breed... but... the judge liked her a lot and she was placed 1-st in junior class bitches (3 junior bitches entered).
    So, the exact results of Annie were:
    excellent, jun.class 1/3, JunCAC, best bitch 3-rd, Promotion Prize.

  • 15.05.2007
    While other setters are dealing with bird hunting, our Max (7,5 years old) seems to enjoy the retirement between the sofa-pillows:
    Besides, I have added some new photos of Annie , also two photos from our garden in spring - look here.
    All the photos are made by Anne-Stiina.

  • 12.05.2007
    I would like to recommend the Irish setter puppies born on 26.03.07 in the Irish Melody kennel. There is 1 dog puppy and 1 bitch puppy left. Both are very perspective. The bitch puppy will be given away only in co-ownership. The puppies are ready to leave for new homes.
    Mother of puppies is: Int & EST & LV & LT & Balt CH Irish Melody Sunday Morning.
    Father of puppies is: Sumaric Shadow of Mr. Jingles (Imp. from UK).

    In any interest please contact me or directly Kaja Koger (tel. +372 53 30 53 40; e-mail:

  • 21.04.2007
    We spent a lovely day at Sillamäe National All-breed Dogshow, where there were 3 English setters entered. The judge for all setters was Jaroslav Matyas (Slovakia).
    This time Annie behaved very well, ran lively and nicely in the show-ring getting excellent 1, junCAC, BOBjun and BOB.
    This was Annie's first junCAC to receive! (Unfortunately we did not stay until the final group competitions at Sillamäe).

    BOS was Nattaset May Blob "Morris", who got his 3-rd junCAC and now Morris is ESTJ CH!
    CONGRATULATIONS to Marek and Tiina and to breeder Jaana (Nattaset kennel).


    Happy's daughter Kessie attended International Dogshow in St.Petersburg, Russia achieving Best bitch 1, BOS, CAC, CACIB and now she can apply for Rus CH title!
    CONGRATULATIONS to you, Laura!

  • 19.04.2007
    This is the day of birthday of our tiny sweetheart Annie. Now you are 1-year old!
    We are wishing you a lot of fun at bird-hunting in our garden! And we hope that all that energy and enjoyment of life will stay in your soul for ever!!!!!

  • 10.04.2007
    Some nice spring feelings by Anne-Stiina are HERE!

  • 07.04.2007
    We took part in the unofficial Nublu Puppy Show in Tallinn. English setters entered in different age-groups: 3. The judge for all setters was Wesley McCrum (Ireland).
    Although Annie's behaviour at the showring was not so good (I had quite a trouble to get her settled), she received excellent and was BOB junior with the very positive description.

  • 03.04.2007
    Finally I have made the photo-gallery from our trip to Birmingham, England: LOOK HERE!

  • 03.04.2007
    I did not update my homepage at once, but... my Happy's children have been doing very well between my last update here:
    25-th of March - the Setter-Derby show in Vienna, judge: Pamela Waddell (GB) - Fortunaviola Kitti Princes "Pepper" received V1, CAC, CACIB-Res. Clubsieger, Derbysieger-Österreich;
    31-st of March - Luxembourg dogshow, judge: Henric Fryckstrand (Sweden) - Fortunaviola Deppi Jbis "Finn" was Best male 1.
    CONGRATULATIONS to Sibille and Frank! CONGRATULATIONS to Anita! And THANK YOU for the lovely photos!
    Finn at Luxembourg show 31.03.2007 Pepper at Vienna 25.03.2007
    /Click at the photos to see the larger size of the image./

  • 19.03.2007
    We had a lovely weekend full of English setters again. We had visitors from Finland: Jaana with Nattaset Marigold "Oona" and Nattaset Moonflower "Nekku".
    Yesterday we spent a day at the Latvian Winner 2007 dogshow. The judge for setters was Damir Skok (Croatia) and the number of English setters entered for him was 12.
    Happy received: CH class excellent 1/2, res-CACIB, Best male 3.
    Annie's result was not bad either: Jun. class excellent 2/3, Honour prize.
    Judge Damir Skok surprized us with treating all the dogs so well, he was so gentle with every dog and cuddled them all! It was very touching to see that kind of judging at international dogshow after some not quite good experiences!

    CONGRATULATIONS to Jaana (Nattaset) for Oona's(Nattaset Marigold) BOS, JunCAC and Latvian Winner 2007 title!
    And THANK YOU for the nice weekend together here!

  • 16.03.2007
    Some new photos are in Annie's photoalbum. Look HERE.

  • 11.03.2007
    From 7-th to 10-th March we were having good time in Birmingham, UK visiting the Crufts show.
    Full results of the show can be seen at the ESA homepage HERE!
    English setter BOB was young and beautiful male Bournehouse Silver Dreamer, ResBOB was Mariglen Flaming Colours:
    Click at the photo!
    Gordon setter BOB was Kilnrae Whirlwind, ResBOB was Liric Blac XTasy. Full results of the breed judging is HERE!
    Click at the photo!
    Unfortunately I could not catch the BOB and ResBOB IRW setter photo. But here is the photo of BOB IRW setter anyway - the Best Male competition with Vanders Veracity (Best Male, CC) and Ryemills Deerstalker of Berryessa (ResBest Male, Res-CC). Full results of the breed judging is HERE!
    Click at the photo!

  • 24.02.2007
    At the day of the birthday of our country, 24-th of February, we took a walk at the seaside.
    Look HERE at the pictures we caught with the camera.

  • 18.02.2007
    We took part in the Kymen Setterit & Pointterit Ry Open Show which was held in Lahti, Finland. The number of English setters entered: 28. The judge was Sissi Sundberg (Kennel Gentlemen by Nature, Sweden).
    Batman was in a good shape to receive open class excellent 1/2, Best male 1, BOS.
    Our little Annie got the grade "very good" with quite a hard critizism by description, although was later placed 4-th among total of 7 junior bitches.
    But... we had a very nice weekend!
    THANK YOU!, Jaana, for all the hospitality!
    Congratulations to Katja V. for Nattaset Special Feeling "Ines" getting BOB!

    More information on Nattaset Kennel homepage HERE! and KSP club homepage HERE!.

  • 11.02.2007
    Yesterday was the day of the International Dogshow in Tallinn. English setters entered 8. Judge for setters: Stelios Makaritis (Greece).
    Our results:
    Annie - Jun class excellent 2/3;
    Happy - CH class excellent 1; Best male 2; Res-CACIB.
    Happy / Click at the photo! Annie / Click at the photo!
    Thank you for the photos Aivi (Wind Chart setters).

  • 07.02.2007
    Photos of the Estonian Setter Club show can be found at Nattaset Kennel homepage HERE! The photos are made by Kickie Boman.

  • 04.02.2007
    Yesterday we were taking part in Estonian Setter Club clubshow. The judge was Ms. Kickie Boman (Aland). English setters entered: 19.
    I am so glad to report the results of my dogs:
    Batman - Open class excl.1/2, Best male 1, BOB, BIS2;
    Happy - CH-class excl.1, Best male 3-rd;
    Annie - Junior class excl.3/4.

    I would also wish to congratulate the breeder Jaana (Nattaset) and Katja H. for the result of Nattaset Arctic Bramble "Venla" being BOS!

    While we were having fun at the clubshow, our sweetheart Max (7 years old!) had to be home alone for some hours. He must have felt so very lonely being alone, so he probably thought he should have a party too. And he ate about 1 kilogram of fresh moose meat, which I left to melt in the kitchen wash-basin (although the meat was vacuum-packed into the plastic-bag, he managed to open it).
    After eating most of the meat, he hid the rest of it (about 200 grams) under the sofa cushion. - No-no! - we did not sit on the fresh meat to watch TV in the evening - our Annie had the good nose to sniff it out and found the "game"...
    Here I can give the moral from this happening:
    English setter can be the puppy from his heart even being grown-up already!
    Never leave anything to the reach of any English setter!
    And last but not least:
    Today, Sunday - the 04-th of February, we are only dreaming of having nice Sunday dinner from the moose meat baked in the oven!

  • 30.01.2007
    Photo of Annie 9,5 months old:
    9,5 months

  • 05.01.2007
    Some fresh photos of 8,5 months old Annie are in her photoalbum.